How to Fix Leptin Resistance and Increase Hormone Levels to Burn Fat

Do you ever wonder why even with a strong will power to burn calories you are incapable of regulating your body weight and you always have an insatiable appetite? This is probably because you have a hormone defect that involving the endocrine system and reversing them require more than dieting and exercise. You may need to check your leptin levels and sustain them at a healthy level to avoid strokes, heart problems, high blood pressure and obesity .This hormone communicates with the brain. It tells the brain when the fat cells have enough energy to engage in normal metabolic activities or when the energy levels are low and the body requires more energy. When the amount of fat stored reaches a certain level hunger is inhibited.

Metabolism is basically the process whereby the food taken is converted to energy to run the bodily functions. Oxygen combines with these calories to provide the required energy.

What is Leptin Hormone

The leptin hormone is a very important hormone in metabolism and regulation of fats in the human body. It regulates body’s energy needs and expenditure. This was the first fat cell derived hormone to be discovered. It’s secreted by the adipose cells also known as fat cells. Secretion in high levels may mean that you are probably over weight because you cannot control your hunger. You also age and become infertile faster.

Leptin in tandem with insulin are the major hormones that regulate the body fat or fat metabolism. These two important hormones work in harmony to control the occurrence of other diseases such as obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis

Insulin is recognized mostly for its regulation of glucose levels in the body. What is not commonly known to people is that leptin hormone is an effective fat/obesity regulator. Many scientific researchers show that impairment of this core hormones ability to transfer the information to receptors is the cause of obesity and other chronic diseases. Successful lab reports indicate that this hormone circulates in the blood and suppress body weight and food intake in obese patients.

What is Leptin resistance

Being resistance to the functions of this hormone is the main cause of weight gain. The negative feedback mechanism ensures that when we eat, fat levels rise and also the hormone levels go up and we burn more calories and eat less. When we don’t eat much the fat level stays down and hormone goes down thus we eat more and burn less. In leptin resistance however the brain signal does not work. There is a lot of this hormone that is floating in the body but the brain does not recognize

Patients suffering from obesity seem to have a higher level of the leptin hormone. This is an abnormality resulting from the fact that the signal transduction between the brain and the fat cell that produce it is hindered or inhibited. Resulting higher levels of it in the body means that the more food taken the more the hormone increases but there is no regulation and conversion of it to energy. Thus the food is stored as excess fat in adipose tissues resulting to obesity, researchers have now proved that this is the major cause of obesity.

Leptin resistance is the main biological abnormality in human obesity. Instead of the brain signaling the obese person to stop eating, it doesn’t and thus they end up even eating more and gaining further weight. When the brain doesn’t recognize the leptin signal it erroneously judges that the body is starving even though it has enough energy stored.

Causes of Leptin resistance

There are three major causes which are having elevated levels of leptin, elevated levels of free fatty acids in the bloodstream that interfere with the hormone signaling and inflammation. All those factors are also observed in obese people.

Symptoms of Leptin resistance

The main symptom you should look for is definitely the body appearance and weight. A standard body mass index test should be able to indicate to you if you are obese, overweight or under weight. If you have a lot of fat and mainly a protruding pot belly you are most definitely suffering from leptin resistance.

Controlling Leptin resistance

The only way to control this disease is to balance or regulate the leptin hormone. There are several ways in which this can be done such as

1. Maintaining a lean body. You can achieve this by observing what you eat and not over indulging in meals. Remember that the more you eat the more leptin is secreted thus over eating will cause lack of maintenance for the hormone.

2. Getting enough sleep at night. The recommended hours by experts is not more than eight, a good nights sleep helps maintain leptin levels.

3. Doing regular exercises. The exercises must be of high intensity to enable you to burn the calories that you have taken. This will stimulate secretion of growth hormones that helps regulate the leptin

4. Avoid processed foods that may compromise the integrity of the gut and cause inflammation. Also avoid toxin such as those that come from deodorants.

5. Eating soluble fiber helps protect the gut health

6. Taking foods that contain low level of triglycerides which prevent the transport of leptin from blood into the brain

7. Eating large amounts of protein early morning is advisable in promoting weight loss ,because it cause improvement in leptin sensitivity.

Foods That Contain Leptin

For a leptin resistant patient it’s vital to watch your diet. A person should avoid highly processed foods, sugar fructose and grains. Instead, you should eat a diet comprised of whole organic foods and take no to low sugar diet, low protein high quality fats. Good sources of these fats include coconut oil, avocados butter nuts and animal fats such as omega 3 fat.

The fundamental principle is that leptin is an important fat metabolism regulator and thus a key factor in fat gain and loss. Obesity is in known to be associated with many fatal diseases. It’s ideal therefore to maintain a healthy lifestyle by watching your leptin levels through diet and intensive exercises.